Knowing/ learning is the natural state of human being in which the human being neither has choice nor control. Where ever one is learning takes place.

Paradox of teaching.           

‘Teaching’ is an unnatural act which defeats the very purpose of learning. ‘Teaching’ teaches the learner to be teacher. Learner acquires the ‘teacher’ mind. The learner perceives the act of teaching and not the act of learning. A child’s early interaction with codified knowledge—Teacher, books, Television, computer (internet etc) –teaches the child to look for knowledge – makes the child depended on out side of her self.

Teacher teaching disrupts the logic / structure of creating knowledge and learning process. The message of ‘teacher teaching’ is that knowledge is already there and one can get it from the teacher or from schools, library, internet.

The crux of the issue of education is that there are only two types of learning; one is true learning and the other is conditioning.