There is a need to set up a research Centre on children, play, learning etc outside the western- textual framework as well as setting up a Centre for a kind of a teacher reorientation program which focuses on sensitizing the adults towards the existential needs as well as abilities in children. This is needed as we, the educated adults are coming in the way of children’s natural creativity as well as their natural sensitivity.

The focus will be on first hand experience, fresh approach outside the paradigm of present educational system which is promoting reading the book instead of seeing the world.

The following assumptions are being made as the basis of the center. Children learn naturally, are equipped by nature with possibility of making sense of the world, are equipped with qualities to sustain life- sensitivity, empathy etc. We also believe that human beings by nature are not cruel and is not in competition with other living beings. To be in harmony is our basic nature. There is a natural order in nature and we don’t have to bring the order but learn to align in the order of nature.

Modernity in general and modern education in particular has gone against nature, is promoting unsustainability, un natural behaviors like competition, power, cheating etc.

The Centre can also function as gap year learning space to reflect on the mind numbing schooling system, to recover one’s natural abilities for knowing and being. The period can vary as per the need of the individual.

The space can be used as a womb to facilitate ones on re birth so to say in order to bring back child like qualities of being open, playful, involved, risk taking, bold, to have the ability to see afresh and retain that freshness by openness,